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Last Day in France

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It was our last day in France so we wanted to make it count. 12 miles later, it’s time to call it a night. We walked around Paris and saw a lot of sights. First, we decided to head to the Montparnasse Tower to get a bird’s eye view of Paris. along the way we stopped by the Church of Saint CDEC04E1-871A-42E3-AEE2-9FD97383FCE4.jpegC65DBED5-A2F8-4571-B26B-92D577350ED8.jpeg
It was a little smoggy on the tower but we got a good view.
We decide to head to Sacre Coeur, another landmark on a hill. The wine tank was getting low, so we decided to stop for lunch.
We had a great bottle of rose to go with a warm day. Walking to Sacre Coeur, We realized that the Montmartre area of Paris is just like Gatlinburg.
Oh well, the church was impressive.
The wine tank was getting low, so another stop for wine.
Back to our hotel for a refresher before dinner. We had a great meal at a wonderful restaurant, thank you Karla and Greg for recommending Le Christine.
We finished the evening off at a great jazz club just up from our hotel. Thanks to everyone of the comments. It’s been fun.

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April in Paris

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We walked around Paris today, no real direction in mind, just taking in the sights. There are a lot of them. It is a marvelous city. Teresa and I were impressed by how clean it was for such a big city. We passed by the Louvre and the Arc du Carrousel.
We decided all that walking was making us thirsty so a quick stop for a glass of wine.
More walking, this time we made our way through the Jardin du Luxembourg. We got to see the French Armies band walking up to a bus, they were in full parade dress. I was afraid to take a picture because of the guy standing there with a machine gun.
We again decide that our wine tank was getting low so this time we opted for a bottle of rose on the bank of the Seine River. You can do that in France with no problem.
Dinner was in the oldest cafe in paris, La Procope, it was established in 1686, now that’s old. The food was phenomenal and the waiter was very funny.
Until tomorrow. Sante

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Heading to Paris

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We left Normandy, heading to gay Paree. We first stoped in Giverny, home of Monet’s gardens. We walked around town, had a nice lunch and took a picture at Monet’s tomb.
Then off to Paris. We had to drop off the car at the rental place, that was a fiasco. Charles de Gaulle airport is a very confusing place. No worries, figured it out, grabbed a train and found our hotel. We are staying in a great old hotel in the heart of St Germain. We explored a little, stopped by Notre Dame and then had a great hamburger to round out the night.
Yes, that is Joan of Arc.
Back to our room for one last bottle of wine and to rest up for a big day on the town tomorrow.

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Exploring Normandy

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We spent the day exploring the World War 2 history of the Normandy region. First we went to a museum that focuses on artifacts. The have many pieces of equipment from the company that was the focus of the HBO series Band of Brothers. You also got to experience a simulator of what it was like to be in the airplane that dropped the 101st Airborne behind enemies lines. It was very emotional for me considering my uncle flew 13 bombing missions. Experiencing the flax of antiaircraft guns brought a tear to my eye.
Next we went to Utah Beach and Omaha Beach, truly sobering experiences.
We went through a small village that had pictures of the damaged buildings in front of the rebuilt buildings. It was nice to see how the rebuilt this church.
Teresa walked down to a point near our room we are renting. There was a sign post that said it was the first German stronghold that was taken on D-Day.
We ended on in Port-en-Bessin again for dinner. We had a wonderful seafood fest in a place that has the boats to prove it is fresh. It has been a rainy couple of days so it was nice to see a rainbow at the end of the day.
Heading to Paris tomorrow for the last 3 nights of our trip.
A la tienne

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Heading to Normandy

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Last big travel day of the trip. Left Bordeaux to travel to Normandy, the drive was interesting. There are the fields of yellow flowers everywhere, we think it is rape seed.
The cottage we are staying in is not far from the small city of Port-en-Bessin- Huppain. The British Royal Marines captured it during the Normandy invasion.
The beach was lined with sea scallop shells
We had a great dinner and since we are in the land of Calvados, we had apples for dessert and a wonderful 12 year old Calados to go with it.

A la tienne.

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